Canadian industry average environmental product declaration for ready-mix concrete

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The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute has updated the Canadian industry average environmental product declaration for ready-mix concrete. Environmental product declarations, or EPDs, have quickly become the industry standard for communicating the environmental performance of construction products, and concrete particular.

The Canadian federal government and Cement Association of Canada recently issued a joint plan to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete products through low carbon concrete procurement. EPDs are the cornerstone to the Greening Government Strategy and are anticipated to become a requirement for procurement of concrete by the federal government and provincial and local jurisdictions that follow their lead.

Participating in the industry average EPD has the additional benefit that participants in the study are automatically on-boarded onto Athena’s concrete EPD platform. This means that at the conclusion of the study that participating companies are set up to start producing their own company-specific EPD's if they choose to subscribe to Athena’s EPD on-demand service. Company specific EPD's for specific mixes are increasingly being specified into development specifications and this trend is expected to continue with the current push by the federal government and others.